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Moodcast Soloist Candle


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Product Description

The Soloist candle is a beautiful balance of joy-promoting Turkish rose and sweet black currant blend with nature’s nurturer Muhuhu wood to help you reflect and realign with your best self. Notes of Turkish rose, black currant, Muhuhu wood. You’ve been waiting all day for this. Finally. A moment to yourself. Shift your focus inward. It’s about you. Say hello to your happy place.

Moodcast Candles were crafted by a master perfumer to create beautifully complex scents, each composed of layered notes with known mood influence to surround you in your mood. MoodCast Fragrances uses the transformative power of scent to create the space for you to connect with yourself in the moment, whichever aspect of yourself that may be. Believe in feeling your feelings. Embracing them.

Burn time: Approx. 65 hours

Net Wt: 8.2 oz

Brand: Moodcast Fragrance Co.

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