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French Blossom Ceramic Two-Wick Candle


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Product Description

The Bleu et Blanc Collection was inspired by the blue and white ginger jars used to store and export valuable spices and precious commodities. Opulent and rich, this collection evokes the mystery and decadence of the Orient. These 18 ounce two-wick candles are packaged in a chic white ceramic vessel with a rich blue tassel, perfect for gift giving.

Fragrance Notes: French Blossom was inspired by the spectacular Jardin des Plantes in Paris, which has featured thousands of botanicals from around the world since the reign of Louis XIII. The sultry perfume of jasmine petals are layered with soft white cashmere blossoms and the sweet mimosa flowers of Provence, with a rich ribbon of vanilla and earthy musk to tie all the elements into a serene floral bouquet.

Burn time: Approx. 110 hours

Size: 18 ounces

Brand: Seda France

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