About Us

Behind the box

You believe in creating a beautiful home and a beautiful life. You know that self-care is one of the most important things on your to-do list. You so deeply believe in doing what you love.  You give out of your heart every single day whether in your career or to your family, you help  people so incredibly well.  We are Wickbox and we believe that you are deserving of time for yourself that leaves you relaxed, refreshed and inspired. We believe that you can enjoy a moment of luxury.  Wickbox is your luxury candle subscription curated to your unique scent preferences.

Our Values

Everything we do here comes out of two mottos: One, treat yourself. Two, let your light shine. In fact, the more you treat yourself, the greater your light can shine. We highly value gratitude, hope, tranquility, inspiring others and living in abundance. We believe that you can create moments of caring for yourself that leave you renewed to go out and do the things you love and inspire other people.


Our Founder

Wickbox was founded by Scarlett Sturgis. Combining her lifelong love of candles and home decor with her entrepreneurial spirit, she created Wickbox as the first luxury candle subscription. Scarlett has a beautiful spirit mixed with a make-it-happen attitude that allows her to truly throw her heart and soul into the boxes. For several years after graduating college, she lived in Europe and worked as a corporate event planner where she took ahold of every opportunity to travel the world! Through that, her sense of style and appreciation of affordable luxury deepened. She was even in the crowds at the Royal Wedding, cheered on Team USA at the London Olympics and witnessed Serena Williams win her fifth Wimbledon title! Scarlett is excited to see you make time for yourself to reflect and see you shine bright. Plus, the scents of these candles will carry you into a moment of bliss in your busy life. With a huge passion for helping women in crisis, Scarlett intends to use Wickbox as a vehicle to help further that mission. We believe that you are worth the reminder to let go and relax. We are here to encourage you to take time and treat yourself. We know that your light is ready to shine. Enjoy your moment of luxury.